On this page, you can download all the presentations and some additional materials from all the sessions during the VIP Customer Event.


Day 1

Welcome Speech - Koen Rommel

Don't leave your future unattended - Dr. Alexander Fink

Innovating our business around data driven business models - Bernhard Schuster

OSSA & SAST: Innovating through Networks & Partnerships - Johan Jubbega

Strategy & innovation in domain Security - Gregor Schlechtriem

Strategy & innovation in domain Fire - Uwe Ladwig

Strategy & innovation in domain Communications - Lars van den Heuvel

Growing business together - Koen Rommel


Day 2 - Morning Sessions

Airports - Maarten Wings

Rail - Sebastian Seibt

Stadia - Patrick Looijmans

Retail - Luis Gomes

Industry - Jürgen Alz

Parliaments -  Kerem Arabacioglu & Murat Keskinkilinc

Multi-Domain - Hanno Vogels & Rolf Didion

BOOST Services - Cordelia Thielitz

Traffic Management - Constant Rutten

Integration Tools - Richard Schurink & Jan Noten


Day 2 - Afternoon Sessions

Video Analytics - Andre-Luis Tournoux

Conferencing - Murat Keskinkilinc

Data Security - Vijay Krishnan

Recording Solutions - Ruud Toonders

FLEXIDOME - Dmitry Rybakov

Remote Services - Josef Angstenberger

AVIOTEC - Stefan Haug

PRAESENSA - Gijs van den Heuvel

Data Collection - Mikhail Zyrianov

PTZ Cameras - Badir Shir


Day 3

OMNEO - Anton Thielen

Intrusion - Gerhard Kugler

Training Academy - Johannes Huth & Arnaud Vanwolleghem

BIM - Pavel Petrov

Expert Services - Olaf Zeissig

Video LAB - Frank van Teeffelen & Nghiep Lam


Additional materials

Data Security leaflet

PTZ Cameras leaflet

Flexidome brochure

Intrusion poster B&G Series

Intrusion poster 2

Data Collection BDCS poster

Data Collection IIA poster


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