Bosch Building Technologies Roadshow 2019 "Solutions that matter"


Once again Bosch Building Technologies will be on the road to show our latest products and solutions!

What we will cover during this roadshow:

  • Welcome to experience a connected security and safety solution that will minimize the overall cost of your operations
  • With the integrated solutions from Bosch we will demonstrate a unified interface that collects and distributes information to give full situational awareness and provide relevant information for decision making.
  • Security and safety solutions going from reactive to proactive handling of events and data, the system of today can understand on its own that an abnormality is present.
  • Integrated solutions that are interacting and communicating over open standards and interfaces to provide openness and transparency to the security and safety eco system
  • A fully integrated solution from Bosch including cloud connectivity and real time data analysis

And much more! Do not miss this opportunity to meet our experts and get all the latest information from your Bosch team.

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workshop registration
 workshop registration