BVMS Ecosystem Day

This is the start for a yearly event where we will be presenting the core values of our Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) and connected components. This is what we consider to be an ecosystem of a video management solution!
In an interactive and informative way with several different stations set up in a market place, we will guide you through all these components and solutions in a carousel format.
During this full day of topics and discussions we will also include sessions with the product manager of BVMS and development team as well as vertical specialists from different segments.
With UX, user experience and usability focus, our aim is to have interactive sessions with mutual feedback.

The stations will cover these topics:

  • BVMS; past, present and future. Information from the product manager and his team
  • BVMS line up and possible set up’s. Going from: “Viewer to Enterprise”
  • BVMS appliances, DIVAR IP AIO
  • Video analytics
  • Face recognition solutions within BVMS
  • Integrations, present and future possibilities including 3-party solutions
  • Airport solutions
  • Situational awareness, stitching, dewarping and metadata overlay in VMS client UI
  • New product releases
  • Imaging: what is a useful picture and what to expect of the latest generations of cameras.
  • Business intelligence and retail analytics

We will provide information that fits several of the different layers in the market and can assure that it will be an interesting day.
There will be provided coffee and lunch during the event so please make sure to confirm this during registration.
Don’t miss this opportunity to get and to exchange information and knowledge both with us at Bosch but also with your fellow colleges in the market.

Where: Bosch, Isafjordsgatan 15, Kista
When: 15 May, 10:00-16.00


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congress registration
 congress registration