Airport Solution Design Training from Bosch Security & Safety Systems


Specifically tailored for security consultants, this training workshop aims to provide a unique insight into airport solution design, ensuring that all attendees develop a clear understanding of how to position Bosch Security & Safety solutions in an airport enviroment. This is a great opportunity to network with our industry experts and other airport security consultants.


This two day event will be held in the new Bosch Innovation Hub, in our headquarters in Denham, Uxbridge. The two days will be split as follows:

  • Day 1 - Security Topics

     Planning and implementation of surveillance technologies

     Use of intelligent video analytics and machine learning

     Building management and access control systems


  • Day 2 - Safety Topics

     Use of public address and voice evacuation systems

     Building Information Modelling (BIM)

     Workshop on designing airport security systems in a sample airport project


View our full event Agenda for more information.





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